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We know how seriously you take your business. That's why we're just as passionate about ours. UniMac is the world's leading commercial laundry machine manufacturer of on-premises equipment. Our commercial laundry products are built for durable performance that exceeds the demands of any on-premises laundry environment. We introduce innovations aimed specifically at reducing your costs and maximizing your throughput. Our products, built to provide laundry solutions to industries of all types and sizes, are backed by the largest, most knowledgeable distributor and support network.

And we offer customized, in-house financial solutions through UniMac Funding to help make world-class performance affordable for any budget. That's how we deliver the industry's lowest total cost of ownership. And that's why no one else is even close. Whether you operate a hotel, long-term care facility or any other on-premises laundry, UniMac has a washer extractor for you. With a full line of versatile, industrial-strength commercial laundry machines, we have a solution to suit any on-premises laundry needs.

Designed for facilities that do not require super-high G-Force extraction, our mid-performance washer-extractors deliver all the benefits of high-performance UW models, but with a maximum - G-Force extraction speed.

Get the trademark quality and reliability in an affordable package designed to suit the needs of lower-volume facilities. Like all UniMac commercial laundry equipment, these reliable laundry machines are built with unyielding construction to ensure industrial strength.


With cutting-edge innovations and green technologies, they're designed to reduce costs and maximize throughput. These machines can withstand the harsh demands of commercial and on-premises laundry facilities in a variety of industriesfrom athletics to hospitality. It has long been the industry standard for car wash owners who require an effective wash at an efficient pace. Car Wash - UM These durable commercial laundry machines achieve the perfect balance between drying temperature, airflow pattern and usable cylinder space for optimal drying results while significantly reducing utility and labor costs.


Available in gray or whiteUniMac commercial tumble dryers meet the needs of commercial and on-premises laundries of all types and sizes. The space-saving machines allow you to add 60 or 90 pounds of rated capacity to your laundry operation.

Laundry Technology Saves Lives

Available in gray or white and in a variety of capacities, UniMac commercial tumble dryers meet the needs of commercial and on-premises laundries of all types and sizes.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Arqade is a question and answer site for passionate videogamers on all platforms. It only takes a minute to sign up. Sometimes when I return to Firelink Shrine, I try to leave it via the front door that you first enter it from.

Occasionally, there is grey fog blocking my path. Unlike boss door, I can't just press a button to walk through it. If I wait long enough, it eventually disappears and lets me out of the shrine. This also happens when I die and respawn there after trying and failing to kill the tough swordsman just outside the temple.

It is to cut load times when traveling to Firelink Shrine. Since all of the services leveling up, merchant, blacksmith are inside of the shrine, the player has to travel back every time they want to do something. Instead of loading the entire area, the game only loads the much smaller interior of the shrine. The fogwalls are there because the outside of the shrine is still loading, and will drop as soon as it's done. It happenes when you dont go to firelink shrine using the first category of places lets say u are in cathedral of the deep and click on firelinkthe shrine on the bottom the fog will appear spawn outside where u defeat the first boss the problem is then fixed.

In other souls games that meant someone was about to invade you. If the fog eventually disappears.

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They couldn't complete the connection. It's because you probably purchased the tower key and they only access to the tower is through the window of fire link shrine. I think maybe if you buy it early then the game won't let you go there until a certain time. Sign up to join this community.


The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. What's going on with the fog at Firelink Shrine? Ask Question.

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Asked 4 years ago. Active 3 years, 11 months ago. Viewed k times. What's going on with this fog? Sterno Sterno Active Oldest Votes.

This certainly sounds plausible. However, other areas seem to load pretty quickly, much quicker than it takes for the fog to disappear.


I agree this seems the most plausible, but any other bonfire so far takes about 2 seconds to load. The grey fog takes about seconds after warping in before it goes away.Their commercial laundry products are built for durable performance that exceeds the demands of any OPL environment. Their machines are expertly manufactured using the toughest, most premium materials in the industry. To achieve maximum throughput, you need maximum performance.

Our full line of heavy-duty industrial washing machines, tumble dryers, light commercial laundry equipment, finishing ironers and other specialized equipment offers design, construction and innovation like nothing else on the market. Designed for facilities that do not require super-high G-Force extraction but with all the durability, efficiency and innovation of high-performance models.

Designed to meet the low-volume application needs of small on-premises laundry facilities or larger OPL facilities. These durable commercial laundry machines achieve the perfect balance between drying temperature, airflow pattern and usable cylinder space for optimal drying results while significantly reducing utility and labor costs.

If you have more laundry than you have floor space, UniMac stack tumblers are the solution for you. With a dual-sided airflow process, the dryer sends heated air around and inside your turnout gear for thorough drying at maximum speed and efficiency, therefore reducing utility costs.

Dangerous hydrocarbons left on gear pose a number of problems—including a doubled risk of many cancers—for the very people that PPE is designed to protect. New OPTisprayRinsing Technology takes improved efficiency and maximized throughput to the next level.

Available on all UniLinc cycles, OPTispray combines fire hose-like, spray-rinsing power with wash chemistry to attack dirt and stains, washing them away and down the drain. Unlike bath rinses, which simply dilute wash chemistry and leave garments soaking in contaminants.

Chose from six models to meet the needs of your operation. Innovative technologies combine with revolutionary design to form a front load washer that delivers unprecedented wash quality and minimizes operational costs. Classic top-load design meets heavy-duty build quality that lasts longer and runs more efficiently — saving you money. Our single pocket tumble dryers are built with a single purpose: performance.

All of our revenue sharing programs are custom-tailored with you and your residents needs first. We handle everything from installing high-efficiency washers and dryers equipped with the latest payment technology to keeping the machines up and running as well as collections of all coins and currency. Our local customer service department is equipped to manage the day-to-day details — from responding to immediate service needs to resident refund requests.

Professional instructional signage and support is included.While fighting fires, toxic carcinogens that originate from synthetics and plastics absorb into the fabrics of PPE through smoke, which can cause cancer. Bill Brooks is the UniMac North American sales manager and has been a firefighter for more than 30 years. He says that when he was a newcomer to the firefighting industry, having soot-stained gear was a badge of honor.

The department consists of uniformed firefighters dispersed among five different fire houses. The impact of cancer on firefighters is clear. Often, the crew was responsible for washing and tracking the maintenance of 20 to 30 bags of PPE at once. When gear was returned mismatched, many firefighters grew frustrated and avoided the laundering process all together, even though the National Fire Protection Association NFPA regulation suggests that PPE be washed after each fire.

Hicks and Dutcher wanted to find a more efficient and organized method of washing equipment to help keep their firefighters safe from dangerous carcinogens and adhere to safety regulations. In order to finance their quest for safety, the department turned to the city leaders and citizens of Framingham, a city of around 75, people. They explained that firefighters were getting cancer from the gear meant to protect them and were met with immediate support.

First, they ensured that each firefighter would have two sets of PPE, so they would always have a pair to use if the other was being cleaned or repaired.

Second, they needed a trusted laundry machine for each of the five fire houses. Lastly, they had to find an easy process for tracking the cleaning and maintenance of PPE. So, we can get back in service that much quicker. The Framingham Fire Department has had a seamless transition to the new laundry equipment. The new protocol is to wash gear after any significant event and hang it to dry in the bay.

The days of salty, filthy gear are gone.

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That would be impossible for us to track. We would have to have multiple people dedicated just to that. Brooks mentioned that laundry equipment is one of the most important tools to protect firefighters from cancer, but the FireLinc technology is key to effortlessly adhering to NFPA regulations.

The data is easily accessible on a website that allows the user to search the wash date, wash operator, equipment barcode and location. This technology helps hold firefighters accountable for their safety and effortlessly keeps the firehouse prepared for an audit.

The brave men and women serving their communities deserve this peace of mind.Your local distributor. UniMac distributors are your local laundry experts for laundry equipment and sizing needs, layout design, financing, support and more. Click for Contact Details. Not the right postal code? Search another postal code. First Name. Last Name. Installation Zip Code. Part Name. Machine Model. Serial Number. As the saying goes, time is money.

In no industry is that more true than commercial laundry. Unlike aftermarket parts for laundry machines, each Genuine Part is durably built and engineered specifically for UniMac machines. These parts for a washing machine and parts for a dryer fit better and last longer than the competition, reducing both downtime and the time spent waiting for and replacing parts. In fact, our Genuine Parts are the exact same laundry parts that are built into the machines in our factory.

They often need to be replaced earlier and can damage other parts on your machine as well as disable critical safety features. Plus, Genuine Parts:. UniMac has been manufacturing equipment for more than 60 years.

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So behind every part we produce is a team with the highest level of technical expertise, attention to detail and focus on precision. Each Genuine Part is:. Every part you get from us is backed by an industry-leading one-year warranty.

He or she is trained to know every detail of your machine and respond quickly to your needs. Click the link below and comlete the form to receive UniMac news and information about special offers and promotions. UniMac helps make it easy for architects to spec equipment and design on-premises laundries. Your local distributor UniMac distributors are your local laundry experts for laundry equipment and sizing needs, layout design, financing, support and more. Quick Links.Today, however, we understand the risks firefighters face due to harmful carcinogens.

Smart safety officers already know that a UniMac industrial washer is as tough as a fire truck—and built to last even longer. But these days, the job is as much about brains as it is brawn. Dangerous hydrocarbons left on gear pose a number of problems—including a doubled risk of many cancers. Keep your company audit-ready without manual logs. The FireLinc application maintains a user-friendly interface to keep information entry—and access—easier than ever. Scanned items uploaded to the TotalVue website can be searched by equipment ID, location, wash date or wash operator, giving you easy access to detailed cycle information.

With time and date stamps to record the number of washes and how gear was washed, you can ensure best cleaning practices are met every step of the way for every item in your PPE inventory.

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The intuitive FireLinc software makes recording and organizing all of your wash data effortless. Many firefighters put their own well-being on the back burner while attending to the safety and security of their community. With this in mind, there are thoughtful ways firefighters can protect themselves while maintaining the safety of their surroundings. Download an eBook specifically designed with The Brotherhood in mind.

Through this grant, departments can receive a generous fund to help acquire essential, top-of-the-line, NFPA-compliant washer extractors and PPE drying cabinets. Cleaning PPE is a life—safety issue and should be noted as such in grant writing.

See how UniMac has you covered. UniMac is always up to date—so you are too Smart safety officers already know that a UniMac industrial washer is as tough as a fire truck—and built to last even longer. These items each have unique qualities and specialized care requirements, and should not be washed together.

Begin the exposure-reduction and cleaning processes at the fire scene. For example, if possible, bag contaminated gear at the fire scene and isolate it from the passenger area of vehicles.

Advanced cleaning is best accomplished with a minimum lb-capacity washer extractor with fully programmable controls—including water-temperature control and a g-force extraction setting.

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All closures snaps, Velcro, zippers, etc. Inner liners should be washed with the moisture barrier on the inside. In most cases, this means turning the garment inside-out.UniLinc is a complete OPL control system that allows you to gather machine performance and maintenance data. With UniLinc, you can instantly access machine service history logs, receive error notifications, view performance reports and perform many other time- and money-saving tasks.

And with wireless networking, you can do it all remotely, saving even more time and money. National Health Care tells their story of how the innovative UniLinc total control system has helped them easily monitor and adjust their laundry operation for ultimate productivity.

The Vinoy Renaissance St. Save Water and Energy. Increase Throughput. Wirelessly Monitor Your Laundry. Manage your entire laundry operation off-site from any Internet-connected computer Wireless networking for remote monitoring of multiple machines and locations for optimal efficiency Service-related audit data helps manage equipment costs and ensure longevity Automatic warning emails alert you in real time to help avoid OPL maintenance costs Diagnostics and troubleshooting help you quickly self-diagnose problems Automatic OPL maintenance reminders reduce downtime with timely servicing Access to data reports for programming and troubleshooting Records start time, stop time and idle time between cycles for easy labor monitoring Records when OPL operators cut cycles short, helping you monitor quality Records when a machine is out of balance, an indicator of poor loading practices that cause wasted labor, chemical and utility costs Records highest water temperature reached for each cycle for quality control.

Gain Flexibility and Control. Easy to Use. User-friendly graphic display simplifies training and OPL operations for fewer errors UniLinc software offers easy programming of multiple machines at once Six customizable languages for multilingual operation and easier training Same control for both OPL washers and OPL tumblers streamlines operator use and training One-touch operation allows you to simply select a cycle and push start.

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