Ltm tender notice

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Ltm tender notice

PWD Tenders. View tender. Select category Works Goods Services. View tender Cancelled. Sub-Head: Construction works of civil and sanitary and supply and installation of deep tube well as well as ancillary works.

Construction of Temporary arrangement for barrack and other building under the project of Reconstruction of Cumilla central jail Cumilla. Construction of four storied administrative building with four storied foundation, three storied family meeting room building male with four storied foundation, one storied family meeting room building Female with two storied foundation, two storied 2 nos store building with two storied foundation, two storied Sub-station building with two storied foundation, one storied visitors waiting building with one storied foundation, one storied canteen building with two storied foundation, one storied CCTV monitoring cell with one storied foundation and pond excavation work under the project of Reconstruction of Cumilla central jail, Cumilla.

Tender: Meaning, Documents and Notice | Buildings

S Gate, external sanitary and electrification works etc including internal sanitary, water supply arrangement and internal electrification works. FY Show More. Procurement News. This provides for control of surface transportation and better utilization of roads and networks. According to Speed Identity, as part of the EU programme, countries with high volumes of people entering the EU, receive support in project management, know-how and financing by the EU in establishing reliable, high-security ID documents for travel.

Speed Identity says its Speed Identity SCL Speed Capture Light stationis a proven all integrated solution for instant live capture of facial photos, fingerprints and digital signatures.

It has been in use with national authorities in Luxembourg and Sweden sincein both mobile and fix-mount applications. The Speed Capture API has enabled the systems integrator to easily develop a customized enrolment workflow application controlling all features of the capture system, from data acquisition and photographic illumination, to data quality control and file output.

Citizens have to pass a criminal background check in order to get a permit.

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Milarms carries around a dozen VestFriend stab-resistant vests and McGowan said they sell only a few each month. Their most common body armour buying customers are nightclub owners looking to equip their bouncers and doormen. He has a strict store policy not to sell body armour to civilians, which keeps the gang-bangers from inquiring said McGowan.

The JD2 million Jordanian and Russian investment will provide regional countries, particularly the Iraqi market, with bullet resistant cars, generating around JD24 million in production annually, according to plant Executive Director Ahmad Suleiman. Built on a 3, dunums of land, the factory will employ workers from the local community and exploit 80 per cent of the national resources, said Nasser Shreidah, chairman of the Jordanian Free Zones Corporation.

He added that the plant, the first of its kind in the region, will provide the regional market with highly developed bulletproof vehicles according to European standards. New legislation to guard against the use of body armour and fortified vehicles by gang members goes into affect this weekend. People who either have or sell the armour must now have proper licenses or permits. However licensed security guards, and corrections officers are exempt.

Anyone driving or owning a vehicle that has been adapted to resist bullets or explosives must also have a special permit. All armoured vehicles must also be inspected. Failure to comply results in fines in the thousands of dollars, and possible incarceration.

The report provides profiles of 20 leading companies operating within the market, and includes 3 interviews with experts in the field military body armour, providing specialist insight alongside visiongain analysis. For an executive summary of this report or to order it today please email: Sara Peerun at sara. Border Patrol. DeCaire noted in his request that there is no cost for the surplus military vehicle, as it will remain the property of the U.

Department of Defense. He noted there would, however, be some cost associated with shipping the vehicle. If the department of public works deems the vehicle safe, police plan to use it during investigative work. If the vehicle is deemed unsafe, it will be turned over to the DPW for disposal at auction or other approved means. That would be enough to buy only one new fully equipped police vehicle. The police chief noted that his department used to have a car replacement policy, with two new vehicles included in the budget each year to replace those in the fleet that had acquired high mileage and other maintenance problems from constant use.

City Chamberlain Deb Coad noted before the finalized budget that there were a few key items that had changed since she and former Mayor Randy Bateman had put the initial proposal together and she re-examined it to see if there was possible funding for an additional vehicle. Even though Crown Victorias would no longer be produced, DeCaire believed at the time that there should be enough of these police vehicles to supply his department through Other committee matters up for discussion will include the request to forward a zone change request at W.

Utica St. Committee meetings are held in the council chambers on the second floor of City Hall and begin at 7 p. The Series A investment is the first tranche of a larger investment by RR Donnelley and includes an exclusive marketing relationship between the two companies. CoffeeTable will be using the infusion of institutional capital to launch new personalization and engagement features and hire developers.Home Tender. ICT System Faridpur Division Dhaka Division Tender Invitation for printing Bank Wall Calender Invitation of tender for supply, Installation and implementation of computer hardware for several branches of BKB, Mymensingh division.

Mymensingh Division ICT Operation Invitation for Enlistment.

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EED Solar Panel each capacity Watt. Retender Notice Supply, Installation of 53 Nos. Barishal Division Repair and Renovation work of BKB gunakorkathi branch. Single Phase Petrol Engine Generator. Chattogram Division Khulna Division Invitation of tenders for printing special wall calendar for Mujib Borsho. CCTV Camera. Invitation for Supply, Installation of 53 Nos.

ltm tender notice

EED, Sylhet Division Invitation of Tender for Printing Wall Calendar Tender Notice for 4 Staff Buses. Requirement of Cleaners through Outsourcing. Invitation for Enlistment EED Dhaka Division, EED Chattogram Division, EED After reading this article you will learn about:- 1. Meaning of Tender 2.

Tender Documents 3. Tender Notice 4. Informal Tender 5. Unsuccessful Tender 6. Estimated Value 7. Provision of Important Clauses. On obtaining sanction of the detailed estimate, tender documents are prepared and tenders are invited from the intending tenderers, either classified enlisted contractors or open tender allowing tenderers other than enlisted to participate. In case of enlisted registered contractors, their credentials were verified during their enlistment as classified contractors.

Tender is a written offer submitted by the contractors in pursuance of the notification given to execute certain work under certain terms and conditions as laid down in the tender documents.

Contains notice inviting tender, general description of the work, general rules and directions, terms and conditions of the proposed contract, schedule of materials with prices proposed to be issued by the department, earnest money to be deposited prior to tendering, security deposit to be deposited on acceptance of the offer or prior to executing the contract and time for completion of the work. This part is applicable to tenders of all kinds of works.

Contains technical specifications for materials and workmanship and any special condition applicable to any particular item of work and a complete set of necessary drawings explaining the proposed work. Tenders are invited from the intending participants by issuing a notice mentioning the required information at least 15 days prior to the date of submission of the tender.

The tender notice is displayed in all possible places and giving an insertion in the newspapers for making a wide publicity. The notice inviting tender is a very important document on which tenders and subsequently agreements with the contractors are based. A detailed tender notice comprises of the full tender documents and kept in selected offices for inspection of the intending tenders.

When it has not been submitted in the form as prescribed by the department calling for the tender or not deposited by the due date and time as notified. When it is not supported by the requisite earnest money as specified in the tender and in the manner for depositing as prescribed in the notice.

When the tender from is not properly filled in or not signed by the contractor or his authorised agent holding power of attorney and witnessed by a third party. When the tender is qualified or is made conditional by way-of adding indefinite or uncertain liabilities of unusual character to it or by infringement of the standard rules and orders of the government and local bodies. When the deviation is made from that what has been laid down or any correction is made without any signature and seal.

The tender containing any of the above defects is liable to summary rejection as informal tender. The tender which has not been selected for acceptance by the authority is termed unsuccessful tender. Estimated value of tender or tender value is the value of the work as estimated and put to tender as shown in the schedule of items. Tendered value is the value of the work as per schedule of items inclusive of the contractual percentage quoted by the tenderer.

Earnest money is the amount the intending tenderer is asked to deposit prior to tendering, demonstrating his earnestness for the tender. The earnest money of the unsuccessful tenderer is refunded without payment of any interest for the period of retention of the money in the custody of the owner.

Security deposit is the amount which the tenderer, whose tender has been selected for acceptance, is asked to deposit before acceptance of the tender or execution of the agreement. The amount of security deposit generally has a maximum ceiling.

Deductions from the progressive bills are made till the ceiling amount is reached. On successful completion of the work, the security deposit is refunded to the contractor; but not immediately. The contract is made for execution of the work within a specified period. When the work is not completed within the specified time and the time for completion is extended on request and on agreement of both the sides, the extension of the period of execution is called extension of time.

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The schedule of items or the bill of quantities shows the details of items of work to be executed. Any item of work not appearing in the schedule, but, required to be executed by the contractor under the contract, is called supplementary item.

When the rate of the supplementary item is available in the schedule of rates, the same would be applicable and the percentage quoted by the contractor shall be applicable. When rate of the supplementary item can be derived either by modification or by addition of the items appearing in the schedule of rates, the same would be applicable and percentage quoted by the contractor shall be applicable.Transport for London TfL is considering launching a procurement process to appoint a joint venture property development partner for multi-phased, mixed use redevelopment of two current transport operations sites in Acton, West London.

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These well connected residential led opportunities are within a few hundred metres of each other and should deliver c. The first part of the opportunity at Bollo Lane is the subject of a hybrid planning application submitted on 20 Marchwhich has a detailed application for a home residential block which includes m 2 of B1 commercial space and an outline application for multiple blocks totaling homes and additional B1 commercial space and some retail provision.

Tender Notices of Bangladesh Power Development Board (PDB), Power Division

The second part of the opportunity is north of Acton Town Station and comprises part of the land that makes up Ealing Common Depot. Detailed pre-application advice has been given supporting a development that could deliver over new homes. Prior to initiating the procurement, TfL is seeking initial market feedback from interested parties. Details of how to participate in the process and obtain further information is included below.

TfL is considering launching a procurement process to appoint a joint venture property development partner to provide development management, construction management and delivery and property sales services for multi-phased, mixed use redevelopment of two current transport operations sites in Acton, West London.

The sites will be offered to market on a long leasehold basis. Bollo Lane is a 2. It is currently occupied by a mix of operational and light industrial tenants but will be vacated prior to disposal. A hybrid planning application was submitted on the 20 March to the London Borough of Ealing.

The development creates access to Acton Town Station via new pedestrian footway linked by a mixture of curated landscape spaces providing a rich, connected street experience and a brand-new identity for Bollo Lane.

This 2. The operational buildings will be vacated prior to disposal however a replacement storage facility for the LTM will need to be provided as part of the development proposals.

Clear and well-defined requirements for the replacement facility will be provided during the procurement process. A formal pre-application process has been undertaken with the London Borough of Ealing which has established an acceptable residential density of around new homes plus a new storage facility for LTM.

TfL may seek to pursue an outline application on the site alongside this procurement process. TfL may elect to tender both sites as a package with the appointed developer being responsible for developing sites 1 and 2. The estimated total value listed at II. Density levels have been established by working with the local planning authority and the Greater London Authority GLA.

TfL want to continue to promote the high-quality design we are renown for and are seeking a partner to deliver on our design principles. These are:. TfL development projects must embody sustainable development best practice, integrating economic sustainability and responsibility, with high environmental performance and social wellbeing.

Developments are expected to adhere to high work standards, using responsible and low impact construction practices. Developments should aim to improve the local urban realm, adopting the healthy streets approach and maximising biodiversity and green space on-site.

Developments should seek to improve access to sustainable transport infrastructure, implement inclusive design principles and provide economic benefits and social facilities to the local area and its residents. Potential partners will be required to work with TfL to development proposals that meet the requirements of its sustainable development framework.

TfL is now seeking expressions of interest EOI and market feedback in the form of a market sounding questionnaire MSQ from parties who may be interested in the development opportunity. TfL's current intention is to tender the opportunity using the competitive dialogue procedure as defined in the Public Contracts Regulationshowever, TfL reserves the right to use an alternative procedure.

The choice of procedure will be confirmed in the contract notice. Services - We detected that you disabled the JavaScript feature in your browser.

ltm tender notice

To be able to continue to use this web site in a degraded mode, click here.Notice Inviting Tender No. Tender Notice dated Tender Notice -Petrapole Customs Circle. Tender Notice No. Notice Inviting Tender dated Tender Notice. Notice inviting tender for hiring of motor vehicle for office in respect of Siliguri Customs Division, Fulbari. Reg dated Letter for Pre Bid meeting on 1st March invited to all bidders.

LTM Tender Lottery Result - ই টেন্ডার লটারি রেজাল্ট দেখার নিয়ম - Creative IT Solution

Sealed quotations are hereby invited from the reputed Marine Surveyors for the job mentioned below. WB 02F Sealed quotation are hereby invited from reputed vendors for the following items for obtaining rate as per qty and weight to be sold through tender. Sealed quotations are hereby invited from reputed parties for carrying out the following job for CPC Jamuna, C.

Sealed quotations are hereby invited from reputed parties for repairing the Boats. Sealed quotations are hereby invited from reputed parties for repairing the Boats mentioned below. Sealed quotation invited for supply of 35pcs Steel Trunks. Sealed quotations are herby invited from reputed vendors for the following renovations work to be carried out through Tender at Establishment Section, 3rd floor, Customs House.

Sealed quotations are herby invited from reputed vendors for the following renovations work to be carried out through Tender. Toggle navigation. Important News.


WBS Sealed quotation are hereby invited from reputed vendors for the following items for obtaining rate as per qty and weight to be sold through tender.Packed with expert commentary and forward-thinking advice, this whitepaper arms you with the knowledge you need to stay competitive in the years ahead. The proliferation in recent years of transparent, sustainably conscious companies such as Warby Parker and Everlane has initiated a radical shift in the retail industry one we can expect to gain greater traction in 2017.

Instead, shoppers have begun gravitating toward retailers who reveal all the inner workings of their operations. Everlane, for example, details the entire production costs of their products: materials, labor, duties, and markup. They also include information on the factories in which products are made, complete with pictures and videos of the employees and factories themselves. Stores providing unique in-store experiences will thrive. Retailers who can provide unique in-store experiences will be king in 2017.

Finding ways to match and exceed the seamlessness of online shopping.

ltm tender notice

Most retailers are attempting to do this by creating omnichannel shopping experiences in other words, by bringing the amenities of the online world into brick and mortar stores. Customers can use the tablets to scan barcodes and learn additional information about products, to add items to wishlists, and to enlist the help of sales associates in gathering those wishlist items. As in-store experiences become increasingly important to consumers, we can expect to see more retailers invest in similar initiatives.

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Retailers across the board will adopt mobile payment solutions. Mobile payments are the way of the (immediate) future. At the end of 2016, projections say there will be 447. And if the predictions are any indication, missing out on those sales could mean missing out on a lot of money. Businesses that are making the transition need to think ahead and seek solutions that will support contactless to future-proof their EMV upgrade.

Consumers like to tap, and businesses need to set themselves up for success in this area. With Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay continuing to expand into North America and globally, the importance of being able to accept contactless transactions will increase.

Consumers will expect to be able to pay the way they want, and businesses will need to evolve as their customer expectations change. When it comes to store size, less will be more in 2017. To further understand why shoppers seem to be moving away from larger stores, we need to look at another big trend in the retail industry: the importance of convenience and accessibility.

When people can shop online and have items delivered to their homes in a matter of hours, it takes the promise of a quick, easy experience to entice them to make the trip to an actual physical location.

Instead, they want ease and efficiency in the form of smaller stores with specialized selections. There are other benefits to smaller stores as well. They cost less money to open and operate, and they take up less space in urban environments, allowing retailers to capitalize on the potential of large population centers. Personalization will become increasingly important to consumers.

Unfortunately, the tactics retailers once used to speak directly to customers (such as using first names in an email) have become outdated and transparent in the eyes of those very customers. At the same time, though, consumers are searching more and more for personalized shopping experiences they can really connect with, so 2017 should see retailers testing new ways to appeal to this desire.

One retailer at the forefront of this trend. The athleticwear brand has always been innovative when it comes to personalization (allowing shoppers to customize their sneakers, etc.


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